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Real Estate Consulting Services

Landowner, Investor, contemplating a build and sell scenario to capitalize on the housing demand in this Hot Traverse City market? Need a trustworthy professional local team for construction, sales, and operational support to help provide risk-adjusted returns? We can Help!

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Steps of Discovery

Based on a review and an assessment of goals in the below categories, we will be able to provide owners with a formula for the appropriate strategies to ensure future success.

Support coordinating the following:

  • Bank relationships funding sources 

  • Construction budgets and timelines

  • Sworn statement coordination controls and disbursements

  • Engineering, survey, coordinating site plans, Parcel applications, and ordinances

  • Architectural reviews and revisions

  • Meeting all township and county requirements for planning to permit land division specifics

  • Mortgage surveys, house staking, Land division survey,

  • Engineering and permitting with the GTC Road Commission.

  • Create a plan and profile, stake the road and certify to the township once completed.

  • Excavation Gas and UG utility 

  • Legal counsel relationships are available for all legal transactions forming corporations including Site condominium conversion and HOA development docs plus purchase agreements, and title work verification. 

  • Title company relationships to handle; Title Insurance Real estate settlement, Closing services, New construction draw endorsement services, and title search services.

  • Vacation Rentals, STR Short Term Rental Airbnb & VRBO support, ROI Projections, and advice. Set pricing market analysis. Vacation Rental Data with AirDNA Software make smarter decisions with better intelligence. Super Host status and merging Airbnb & VRBO calendars. 

Negotiated Contracts. This approach is where you interview contractors and choose to work with a particular builder in advance of final cost estimating, and then negotiate a price for the work. This can be fixed, a cost plus a fixed fee, or it can be cost plus a percentage.  Working in this manner allows for an open book format where everyone sees the numbers and plays a role in determining the project players.

Competitive Bids. With this approach, the client solicits bids and then chooses a contractor, presumably the lowest bidder from a group of qualified bidders. When we are asked to work in this format we provide a lump-sum bid and build the project per the plans and specifications managing the work as we best see fit. The competitive bid method is the cost control in this format.

Operational Analysis

Profitability improvement, organizational effectiveness, and quality management are three important components of your operational analysis. An outside objective opinion often provides valuable insight.   


Situation SWOT Analysis

A detailed and brutally honest assessment of your market, your competitors the opportunities, and challenges for your business. 

Strengths  Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats 


Marketing Strategy

  • Specific business revenue goals, as well as a strategy for tackling the market opportunities we identified in the situation analysis.

  •  Complete your next project from industry-leading 3D visualizations and architecture to interior design, construction, Drone footage, and real estate marketing.

  • Build Realtor relationships. Local and Regional MLS listing options, Northern Great Lake Realtors

  • Marketing Strategies for MLS listings management that include 200 real-estate platforms links Zillow, Realtor .com, etc.

  • Web Development Website Design. Interactive Social media link building SEO advantages

  • Inbound & Content  Marketing

  • CRM Sales Marketing Software lead tracing email and text marketing 

  • SEO, (Search Engine Optimization) CRO (conversion rate optimization)

  • Blogs, eBooks,

  • Social Media Facebook Instagram Twitter link building creates community and focused campaign marketing options 

  • Link Building helps Google algorithms find relevant content linking back to your site

  • Dot loop and Dropbox E-document software

  • Showtime Realtor Showing apps


Consultant for Hire

Consultative fees vary depending on location and target market. But there is a common methodology for arriving at the pricing structure. I would suggest an initial consultation free of charge to assess your needs and determine how I may best serve you. 

The terms of a consulting agreement can be based on an hourly rate with a retainer whereby we provide consulting services on a continual basis as demanded or based on the project. Depending on the project and terms compensation tied to Productivity and Sales can be negotiated.


I look forward to learning more about your business and identifying ways I can contribute to moving it forward.

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